Year 9 and 10 Music


Music is a course for students who have an interest in playing an instrument and learning more about music in general. The course is based on three areas of study – Performance, Creating or Composing and Appraising. In Performance students work on their own instrument or may learn guitar or keyboard. Activities include both solo and group playing.

Creating or Composing is about putting melodies and accompaniments together.
The final element, Appraising, is listening to and analysing music in order to understand it.
The aim is to cater for students of varying ability and experience by assessing their performance skills at individual levels.

Units of study over Years 9 and 10 include Music from the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries, including Jazz and Blues.

Students study what influence music has on our lives in the 21st Century and how it is used in popular media. This includes music in advertising and film and the influence of Romantic orchestral works. Students will present two performances as soloists in a semester and be exposed to a variety of composition, listening and aural styles and exercises.