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Daramalan College values being able to provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in other cultures and ways of life through immersion trips.  A key component of such trips is the transformation of hearts and minds, as our students come to have a better understanding and appreciation of other people, their culture and the challenges they may face. 

Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the College visited the Mau Chau Valley in Vietnam where we worked with the community of Quyet Thang.  On our first visit we worked in partnership with the community in building a kindergarten, and on our second visit we helped construct three bridges in the village. 

On alternate years, the College undertook immersion trips in Australia, travelling to the Kimberley’s where students have had the opportunity to learn about the indigenous people of this region.  Our students have assisted with community service projects like the creation of a kitchen garden, maintenance of community facilities and with celebrations for NAIDOC Week.   

In 2022, Daramalan is sending two groups of students to visit the remote homelands of Central Australia, here students will have the opportunity to make real connections with Indigenous Australians living on their own land. They will learn from Elders and Traditional Owners who have maintained a deep connection to their land, culture, and history.  The College is very excited to be working in partnership with Red Earth to bring this immersion experience to our students in 2022.