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Pope Francis in his encyclical letter, Laudato Si, urges humanity to hear the cries of the earth.  At Daramalan College we believe protecting the environment and creating a sustainable future is an important aspect of our College’s mission to be on earth the heart of God.  In recent years the College has been investing in renewable energy sources like solar panels and consciously making Daramalan sustainable through things like water harvesting, recycling, LED lighting and strategic tree planting. 

Daramalan College also has a student environment group that meets fortnightly.  This group is made up of students who are passionate about the environment and sustainability.  In 2021, the group focused on waste education, supporting St. Vincent de Paul through the ACT’s Container Deposit Scheme, creating energy saving graphics and participation in the Parliament of Youth on Sustainability which resulted in them winning a $2,000 research grant.  In collaboration with SEE-Change, this grant was used to educate Canberrans about rooftop gardens.