Inclusive Education

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All learners have both gifts and challenges. They differ greatly in interests, abilities and cultural backgrounds. They mature physically, mentally, emotionally and socially at different rates. They vary in rates and preferred styles of learning. Success in their learning gives each student confidence in their ability to grow, to be understood and to be appreciated for who they are, as well as for what they accomplish.

Inclusive Education aims to support the commitment of Daramalan College to equity and excellence in all teaching and learning programs.  It does this by collaborating with students, parents and teachers.

Our collaboration enables us to:

  • Identify and assess students with additional needs
  • Recognise, value and embrace diversity as beneficial to all, enriching the quality of learning and teaching for everyone
  • Assume that all students are capable learners and respectfully collaborate with them to create, work towards and achieve their individual learning goals
  • Model that each student is a valued participant in the school community
  • Defend the entitlements of all students to access, participate in and progress through the curriculum through inclusion in the school community
  • Respect that families are experts on the lives of their children and are essential partners in their children’s education
  • Act with integrity, promote the rights of students, support self- advocacy and champion social justice for all students
  • Integrate knowledge about theory, research, professional expertise, curriculum standards, technology, assessment and instructional practices to meet the needs of all students.
  • Promote the explicit teaching of literacy across the curriculum in each subject area.