2022 College Leaders

Jack Wunsch
Lani Di Petta

College Captains for 2022: Lani Di Petta and Jack Wunsch

College Vice Captains

  • Arts and Culture: Benjamin Philp
  • Social Justice: Isaac Jaensch
  • Sport: Thomas Dau
  • Environment: Breana O’Toole
  • Mission: Antonela Simunic

House Captains

  • Cuthbert: Claudia Bowditch and Lucinda McGilvray
  • Farrer: Paige Musial and Franko Soriano
  • Goolagong: Tom Randall and Scarlett Kenna
  • Lawson: Grace Read and Patrick Osborn
  • Lyons: Kasey Saunderson and Laiken Tuadles
  • Merrick: Emily Erwin and Charlie Carey
  • O’Brien: Lauren Steinman and Isabella Macor
  • Phillip: Janaya Abbott and Edward Field-Wilson