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As a Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) school, Daramalan College’s mission is to ensure that all people know they are loved by God.  Jules Chevalier believed that when people come to truly know this, their hearts are transformed, enabling them to go forth and “be on earth the heart of God”.  This MSC charism is known as “Spirituality of the Heart”. 

Daramalan students are encouraged to be people of love in our world.  Each year the College focuses on one of six themes: respect, hospitality, faith, compassion, forgiveness, and justice.  Each of these themes is a visible way we can demonstrate love in our relationships with God and each other. 

2022, our anniversary year, is our Year of Heart, and in this year, Daramalan College has decided to focus on kindness.  MSC Constitution #12 says, “Following the example of Jesus, we will strive to lead others to God with kindness and gentleness”.  The MSC ethos, invites all staff, students, and parents to know God’s love and be transformed by it.  Daramalan students are ‘formed’ in the Catholic faith through their participation in liturgies and reflection days, and by opportunities for them to be involved in social justice, immersion experiences and youth ministry.