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The Pastoral Care Program is an integral part of our student wellbeing system, where we aim to create a safe environment for students to learn, make friends and develop confidence. To achieve this, we have a sequential and coordinated program that is tailored to meet the needs of each student at their stage of development. The program focusses on evidence based approaches built on the positive education principles of PERMAH, which stands for Positive Emotions, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment and Health. It involves promoting student wellbeing both personally and academically.

The Pastoral Care Program is designed to:

  • develop knowledge and skills relevant to and experienced by adolescents
  • assist students to make well informed and appropriate choices in all facets of their lives
  • encourage students to engage in safe behaviours and
  • develop their social and emotional intelligence to cope with any difficulties they may face

The Pastoral Care Program together with class teachers, Pastoral Tutors, Pastoral Care Advisors, House Coordinators, Assistant Principals and School Counsellors provide a significant source of support for our students. In this way, the true caring ethos of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart is displayed and we aim to have our students finish their Daramalan years richer in spirit than when they arrived.

We have clear and high expectations of our students and work closely with them to realise these standards.

We believe that transparent student management practices are vital to ensure that students develop responsibility and self-discipline. To achieve this, we use restorative practice strategies which build healthier interpersonal relationships among members of the community. These practices exist to ensure that students develop responsibility and thoughtfulness in preparation for the adult world.