Year 9 Languages

In Year 9 the study of Languages is an elective subject. Students continue with the Language they have studied in Years 7 and 8.

The study of Languages fosters greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of the value of other languages, societies and cultures, as well as of the student’s own language and culture.

The aim of language learning in Years 9 and 10 is to develop communicative skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking in each language as well as to foster creative and critical thinking through analysis and reflection.Cultural issues are discussed as they arise in relation to the language and current affairs. Culture-based activities are included as a valuable means of increasing awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and reflecting on one’s own identity in a globalised world.

Students discuss topics such as Life in the City including Directions, Personal Descriptions and Expressing Opinions on Appearances, Household Chores and Activities and Holidays. Students are encouraged to participate  in discussions and to openly express their opinions and ideas on a broad range of globally relevant topics and attitudes.  Grammatical structures become increasingly complex.

In Japanese students use more Kanji and learn the Katakana characters. All courses are organised into four sequential semester units, which are normally studied over Years 9 and 10. The Year 9 and 10 course forms the foundation for further study of Continuing Languages in Years 11 and 12. Tours to France, Germany and Japan are offered in alternate years to practise and reinforce students’ developing language skills through exchanges with our sister schools and through interactions during travel.