Unit 1 – Broadway Dance
This unit is designed to introduce students to the Broadway jazz dance style and investigate its origins. Students will participate in practical classes of jazz technique and learn choreography from popular musicals such as Mary Poppins, Grease, The Wiz and A Chorus Line. An historical overview of jazz dance will be highlighted from its African origins right through the decades of the 20th century to current Broadway musicals.

Unit 2 – Popular Dance
This unit is designed to investigate how dance reflects the youth culture of society in different eras. In Term 3 the students will develop teamwork and performance skills through collaborating on a class production for the Ausdance Youth Dance Festival. In Term 4 the students will participate in practical classes and explore the role of dance in various eras such as 1920s Charleston, 1950s Rock’n’Roll, 1970s Disco and 1990s Hip Hop. Safe dance practice will be highlighted through the theoretical study of anatomy and injury prevention.