Year 8 Social Science

Year 8 Social Science

Year 8 students study a semester of Social Science.  This consists of one term of geography and one term of history.  The history component of this unit presents an overview study of history from the end of the ancient period to the beginning of the modern period, c.650 – 1750 AD. Depth studies may include: The Western and Islamic World, Expanding Contacts, The Asia-Pacific World.  The geographical focus of this unit will be on geographic inquiry skills, landscapes and the geomorphologic processes of landform formation, using study sites from Australia and around the world. Depth studies may include: arid, coastal and riverine environments, mountains and karst.

Key questions for consideration in this unit are:


  • How did societies change from the end of the ancient period to the beginning of the modern age?
  • What key beliefs and values emerged and how did they influence societies?
  • What were the causes and effects of contact between societies in this period?
  • Which significant people, groups and ideas from this period have influenced the world today?


  • How do environmental and human processes affect the characteristics of places and environments?
  • How do the interconnections between places, people and environments affect the lives of people?
  • What are the consequences of changes to places and environments and how can these changes be managed?

By the end of this unit, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of key periods and societies in the Medieval world
  • Use historical terms and concepts to sequence events and developments in the Medieval period within a chronological framework
  • Construct a written argument using essay structure that uses evidence from a range of sources that are acknowledged
  • Apply geographical concepts to draw conclusions based on the analysis of the data and information collected
  • Identify different types of landscapes and their distinctive landform features
  • Present findings, ideas and conclusions in a range of communication forms selected to suit a particular audience and purpose
Year 8 Social Science excursion to Jenolan Caves
Year 8 Social Science excursion to Jenolan Caves