Daramalan College offers three languages: French, German and Japanese.

Prior to enrolment, students nominate one of these languages to study for one semester in Year 7. Students will continue to study this language for one semester in Year 8. Students may choose to continue the same language from Year 9 onwards.

All Language courses aim to:

  • create positive relationships in an inclusive environment through understanding that people have different backgrounds and histories
  • inspire and support students to leave their comfort zone and dive into new ways of thinking and communicating.
  • develop students’ understanding of the systematic nature of language, which in turn enhances their understanding of their own language
  • reinforce literacy and numeracy skills in both the first and target language through comparison and as such develop a new kind of global literacy and numeracy.
  • foster the love of learning about different peoples, cultures, beliefs and perspectives and the acceptance of alternate viewpoints
  • encourage students’ enjoyment of experimenting with language and language learning
  • assist students to acquire skills which can be transferred to other learning areas

Year 7

Students study their chosen language for one semester. Students who have some background in the language will be catered for with extension work. The courses in all languages cover themes such as greetings, introducing self and others, colours and animals.


Playing interactive games, reciting rhymes and chants, identifying and naming objects, singing, participating in role plays, using language-based computer programs, researching topics related to the country or countries where the language is spoken.