Year 10 Religious Studies

Year 10 Religious Studies Students undertake the subject for a semester.

The unit has a theme, a  focus question , an outline and associated learning goals.

Theme: Leadership for the Twentieth Century

Focus Question:”Who should lead and how should we follow?

In this unit students explore leadership: its purpose, types and qualities as well as the impact of good and bad leadership.  Topics include gender, cults, social justice, ethical decision making and the significance of social/historical context. Using Jesus as a model, students critique the leadership of historical and contemporary persons and reflect on their own leadership potential. Learning Goals:

  • Understand key concepts: effective leadership, servant leadership, stewardship of the environment, rights and responsibilities
  • Critically analyse issues and ethical problems related to the use and abuse of leadership
  • Understand the significance to the modern world of the model of leadership offered by Jesus the Christ
  • Conduct effective research with accurate citation and bibliography
  • Communicate effectively in both written and visual modes