Year 10 Mathematics

Year 10 Maths – Common

During Year 10 students will be assisted to identify an appropriate level of mathematics study for  Years 11 and 12. With this in mind, the most able Year 9 students are encouraged to study Mathematics 10A in Year 10.

The main concepts covered in the Year 10-Common Australian Curriculum are compound and simple interest, deductive reasoning in geometry, surface area and volume of composite shapes, bi-variate data, and simultaneous and quadratic equations.

 Year 10 Maths – 10A

The 10A content is optional and is intended for students who require more content to enrich their mathematical study whilst completing the common Year 10 content. It is NOT anticipated that all students will attempt the 10A content, but doing so would be advantageous for students intending to pursue Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics in the senior secondary years. A selection of topics from the 10A curriculum can be completed according to the needs of the students.

Some of the available  extension topics include polynomials, surds, logarithms, exponential functions and trigonometry of non-right angled triangles.

Student Activities

Inclusive Education Mathematics:  Inclusive Education Teacher-Assistants are available to help students in most need.

Challenge Mathematics: Students in Years 7 – 10 are encouraged to enter the Mathematics Challenge Program conducted through the Australian Mathematics Trust. Many students also participate in a variety of competitions such as the Australian Mathematics Competition and the UNSW Mathematics Competition.

Mathematics Tutorials: Students requiring help with any aspect of their courses are encouraged to attend Mathematics Tutorials conducted during the lunch period on alternate days of the week.


Further Information