Year 10 Food Technology

Food Technology

Studies in Food Technology involve students in the purposeful application of knowledge and skills to create processes and products that meet everyday needs. Students design, create and appraise various processes using a variety of materials, information and systems to address issues, and problems that they may encounter in every day life.

The philosophical basis of studies in Food Technology is underpinned by a commitment to the wellbeing of the individual in their daily activities. Therefore, the subject is strongly positioned to make a valuable contribution to the student’s life skills.

In Year 10 the following units are offered:

World Food

Students examine and understand the cultural and historical significance of the role of food within Australian society, beginning with indigenous food through to the influence of immigration. Students learn about global food equity issues including production, access, transport, infrastructure, political and environmental considerations. Students plan and prepare a range of culturally significant and sustainable foods appropriate to specific situations.

Food Service, Catering and Trends

Food trends influence food selection, food service and food presentation. Students will examine historical and current food trends and explore factors that influence their appeal and acceptability. Students will learn about food service and catering operations across a variety of settings. Students will plan, prepare and present safe, appealing food that reflects contemporary food trends.