Year 7 Humanities and Social Sciences

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The Humanities and Social Sciences Department is responsible for a wide range of courses. This discipline focuses on people: their past, their relationships with each other and their use of our world. Students will think critically as they learn about themselves and others while developing skills in reading, writing, oral communication, ICT and research.

 History: The Ancient World

Students will study one semester of history in Year 7. This semester unit provides a study of history from the time of the earliest human communities to the end of the ancient period, approximately 60,000 BC (BCE) – c.650 AD (CE). The study of the ancient world includes the discoveries (the remains of the past and what we know) and the mysteries (what we do not know) about this period of history, in a range of societies in places including Australia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, India and China.

The content provides opportunities to develop historical understanding through key concepts, including evidence, continuity and change, cause and effect, perspectives, empathy, significance and contestability. These concepts may be investigated within a particular historical context to facilitate an understanding of the past and to provide a focus for historical inquiries.

Humanities and Social Sciences: Physical Geography; Government, Democracy and Laws; Place and Liveability; Economics and Business

Students will also study one semester of HASS in Year 7. This This unit will investigate the physical geography of Australia and the world and Australia’s government, democracy and laws. Also explored will be factors that influence liveability and the idea that place provides us with the services and facilities needed to support and enhance our lives. Finally, students explore what it means to be a consumer, a worker and a producer in the market, and the relationships between these groups.