Year 9 & 10 Journalism and Desktop Publishing

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Journalism and Desktop Publishing (Years 9/10)

What makes for good journalism today? A great journalist cares about people and an ideal world. A great journalist can approach a topic as vast as the universe and make it simple and interesting to both Einstein and the new immigrant, who is trying to learn the language. In this unit, students will explore the many facets of modern journalism and investigate what effect the media have in our lives.

The main aspects of this unit are:


  • a code of ethics for journalists: work is original, sources are real and valid, reporting is unbiased and balanced and language is appropriate
  • examine press law and media ethics: censorship, copyright law and plagiarism, photographs and ads, libel, privacy rights and laws, substantial disruption, bylines and careful layout
  • prepare for an interview: plan open-ended questions, obtain background material, contact interview source in advance
  • use of a variety of sources to ensure completeness, impartiality and diversity with accurate referencing
  • utilise photojournalism to tell a story
  • create effective headlines and cutlines
  • select appropriate quotations, and cite them fairly and accurately.

Desktop Publishing

  • identify basic elements of design: pica rule, modular design, dollar bill rule, appropriate use of white space, proportion, balance, harmony, contrast, dominance
  • edit stories for clarity, completeness, conciseness and objectivity for publication: grammar, usage, style, writing to specifications
  • create effective advertisements following AISA guidelines
  • use appropriate computer software, hardware and peripherals for capturing, importing, scanning and manipulating images
  • use appropriate computer software for design, layout and publication of a completed newspaper.