An independent Catholic coeducational school operated by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Year 8 Languages

Daramalan College offers three languages: French, German and Japanese.

Prior to enrolment, students nominate one of these languages to study during Year 7. In 2017, students will continue to study this language for one semester in Year 8. Students may choose to continue their language from Year 9 onwards.

All Language courses aim to:

  • promote students’ communicative skills using simple language structures
  • develop students’ understanding of the systematic nature of language, which in turn enhances their understanding of their own language
  • extend students’ general literacy
  • encourage students’ enjoyment of language and language learning
  • assist students to acquire skills which can be transferred to other learning areas
  • increase students’ awareness of other cultures and peoples.

Students continue the language they learned in Year 7 for one semester.

The theme-based approach continues, expanding on themes started in Year 7 and adding others such as family, schooling, food and hobbies.

Students may choose to continue to study the same language as an elective subject from
Years 9 to 12.


Playing structured games, exchanging personal details and simple opinions, finding out and giving information on a range of topics, participating in role plays, food-tasting, doing open-ended activities, using language-based computer programs, researching topics related to the country or countries where the language is spoken.