An independent Catholic coeducational school operated by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Year 10 Dance

Unit 3 – Contemporary Dance

This unit is designed to introduce students to contemporary dance and investigate its origins. Students will participate in practical classes of contemporary technique and explore the role of contact improvisation in choreography. An historical overview of modern dance will be highlighted through the theoretical study of pioneers such as Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey.

Unit 4 – Theatrical Dance

This unit is designed to introduce students to dance in a theatrical context. In Term 3 students will develop teamwork, stagecraft and performance skills through collaborating on a class production to be performed at the Canberra Theatre for the Ausdance Youth Dance Festival. In Term 4 students will learn a structured theatrical ballet production and explore the use of props in their own choreography. This will be complemented by the theoretical study of dance notation.