Michael Kelly (Class of 1970)

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Kelly, Michael

I would like to give you some idea of what being a Daramalan College student has meant to me since I left school in 1970. I was enrolled in Year 4 in the school’s first year 1962 although there was not enough room for us on site as the current Reid Wing was still under construction so we stayed at Our Lady of Mercy in Braddon wearing the Daramalan uniform.

I started work in a Chartered Accountants office and studied part time at CCAE, now Canberra University. When I qualified in 1978 I was approached by a fellow member of the Board of the Daramalan Rugby and Social Club to apply for a position at the Catholic Education Office. I was employed there for nine years and when I decided it was time to move on it was a chance conversation over a beer at said club with another former Daramalan student that led me to my next position with a construction company. Unfortunately that company went into liquidation (no fault of the Accountant) and suddenly I was unemployed after eighteen years in the workforce.

Another chance conversation between two former students and rugby players resulted in the offer of a position in a small Chartered Accountancy practice recently started by two former students. This temporary assignment lasted for fifteen years. Changes in the structure of that practice meant it was eventually time for me to start looking for another position. Yes, it was another chance conversation with a former student and rugby player who was on the Board of Daramalan College. He informed me of a new position of Accountant becoming available at the school. I have been employed in my current position at the school since August 2004.

So I am happy to say that all my employment opportunities since 1978 have had a direct Daramalan connection. It has been a wonderful and fortunate journey so far. The fact that I was able to attend Daramalan has had a very positive effect on my life.

I am the youngest of five children. My mother was a full time housewife and the only work she did was as an occasional volunteer in the school Canteen. It must have been a financial struggle for my parents to send all five children to Catholic schools.

I have no doubt that there are many good students today whose parents simply cannot afford to send them to this wonderful school. Hence there is the need to have a Scholarship Fund to assist some of those worthwhile but somewhat needy students to enrol at Daramalan.

Let us give them the opportunity that I and so many former students have had because we have been part of the Daramalan family. The more people we have involved the lesser the burden we place on those making a financial contribution. Please give strong consideration to being a part of this new family, the supporters of the Daramalan Scholarship Fund.

Michael D Kelly