Jen Rowe (Class of 2008)

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When I reflect on my time at Daramalan College, not only do fond memories and life-changing moments come flooding back to me, but I think of the word ‘community’. Most past and present students of Daramalan would agree with me, that Daramalan is not just a school, but a community. In the seven years since graduating from Daramalan, I have learnt that Daramalan is not just a community that lasts while you’re a student, but a community that is very much active after school life. This wonderful gift of belonging is one of the reasons why I am proud to say I went to Daramalan.

To know and understand the Daramalan spirit, you just have to attend a Netball or Rugby Union game on a Saturday, a Daramalan sporting carnival, a theatre performance, a Mass where the MSC spiritually is thriving or simply enter any Daramalan classroom where learning and the challenge to be your best is present. The foundation of my Daramalan spirit was developed from an enriching passion for being ‘Fortes in Fide’.

Daramalan is important to my family as we have a strong family connection with MSC schools in Australia. From 1967 – 1970 my father attended Downlands College, a boarding school in Toowoomba and a brother school to Daramalan. My mother was on the College Board for eight years in the 2000s and my father is currently on the College Board. My sister and brother both attended Daramalan and we were all profoundly involved in contributing to the life of the school through leadership roles, and academic and sporting achievements. Over the past 48 years both Downlands and Daramalan have played prevalent roles in our family’s life and provided my family with an MSC education and an ethos on a way to live our lives. This is something we would want as many people as possible to be given the opportunity to experience.

When I reflect on my years at Daramalan, I feel fortunate that I was given the opportunity to learn, to grow and to develop as a ‘whole’ person there. It was a constant adventure, regardless of where your true talents lay or what your goals were – you were given the chance to try all educational domains. Being a teacher myself, I can now appreciate what each and every teacher did for me and how their commitment to the Daramalan ethos was paramount to the success of every student and the school.

As a previous College Captain, I can honestly say that Daramalan is not just a school, it is a supportive and enriching environment where all students’ learning needs are met. This is through the variety of academic, sporting, performing arts and vocational opportunities, and the diligence and commitment from all staff whose continuous effort to keep the Daramalan faith and spirit alive is evident in all that they do.

By supporting the Scholarship Fund you will provide financial assistance to eligible families to ensure their child/children are given an MSC education. An MSC education is focused on developing the whole person and every child has a right to such an education. By your support you will provide children with an education, a strong sense of community and a love of learning that will successfully prepare them for the world after school.