An independent Catholic coeducational school operated by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Social Justice

Community Service Hero Image - Vinnies Blanket Appeal

St Vinnie’s Winter Blanket Appeal

Social Justice is central to the MSC ethos and exemplifies the Spirituality of the Heart in action. Daramalan students are encouraged to be active members of their community and the broader world. Social Justice activities are a positive and practical way to connect with people and encourages a sense of citizenship. Being involved in Social Justice activities adds value to our Daramalan community and provides opportunities for students to realise that simple gestures have far reaching effects.

Our Social Justice program is based on compassion and action to raise awareness of community issues. Students who become involved in Social Justice activities experience a sense of personal fulfilment in knowing that they have made a genuine commitment to the well-being of others. We provide genuine opportunities for service to others.

Daramalan staff members prepared hundreds of meals for the Canberra under privileged during the annual Staff Development Week. Seen here with Oz Harvest collecting the finished product.