CISCO Networking T

This course can be taken as a Minor, Major, Major/Minor or Double Major using the programming units and CISCO Networking units in combination with one another.

The Information Technology course has been designed to incorporate all areas of computer technology including systems analysis and design, programming, multimedia and network engineering.

Available course patterns – Information Technology & CISCO                                                                  

Semester Unit Value
1 Programming Fundamentals T 1
2 Intermediate Programming T 1
3 Advanced Programming T 1
4* Computer Games Programming and Design T 1
4* Robotics and Intelligent Systems T 1
4* 3D Modelling, Animation and Texturing T 1
4* Dynamic Website Construction T 1
4* IT Major Project T 1
1** Networking and Wireless Technology T 1
2** Networking in a Small to Medium Business T 1
3** Routing and Switching in an Enterprise T 1
4** Designing and Supporting IT Networking T 1

*Students are expected to choose one of these options for their fourth unit of study if they undertake the programming strand

** All four of these units are required if the student wishes to qualify for the CCNA Certificate