Business Administration A/V

This course has been designed to recognise the vocational nature of Business Administration. It incorporates nationally accredited training modules where appropriate and is responsive to rapid technological and industrial change.

The course is designed to develop students’ skills in communicating and managing, processing and manipulating information in the workplace. Students learn how to use a range of equipment efficiently and safely, how to work effectively both independently and in teams and gain the skills to respond confidently to rapidly changing technologies.

A Vocational Structured Work placement is strongly recommended. It is not compulsory to gaining a Certificate II.

Students who do not qualify for Certificate II because they have not completed all the competencies will receive a Statement of Attainment listing all competencies that have been achieved to date. They may in some cases qualify for Certificate I in Business (Office Skills) and this will be awarded where appropriate.

The Certificates awarded are recognised for advanced standing in related CIT/TAFE courses, for employment qualifications and in some cases for determining levels of pay in employment. This Nationally Recognised Vocational Course has been developed in consultation with industry, the CIT, TAFEs, universities and on and off-the-job training providers to provide students with competency based training. Certification in this course is recognised nationally as ‘recognition of prior learning’ by post secondary institutions and industries.