Religious Studies T/A

Year 11

All students are required to undertake a Religious Studies  Minor course as a compulsory part of their Year 11 studies. The units of study build on the concepts and themes covered in the high school but they are treated at a greater depth. Religious Studies may be taken at either Tertiary or Accredited level. Students at Daramalan will, therefore, complete the Minor in Religious Studies, required by the College, in Year 11. The two compulsory units offered in Year 11 are:


In this introductory unit, students explore the nature of religion and religious experience and investigate the expression of religion and spirituality in contemporary Australia. They are encouraged to examine a range of responses to ultimate or fundamental life questions which may give meaning to human existence. In examining the religious response to these questions, students are encouraged to explore the expression of Indigenous spiritualities and at least one major world religion.


In this unit students will examine a number of ethical issues, about what is good or bad, right or wrong, worthy or unworthy in human behaviour. Students consider what it means to be human, made in the image and likeness of God, and the implications of that truth for them in their daily living. Their personal responsibility for the development of a well formed conscience, the appropriate attitudes towards others and to the world in which we live, are all considered in depth.

Year 12

Religious Studies is optional in Year 12. Students may continue their studies in this area if they choose, and opportunity is given for them to complete a Major or a Major/Minor in this subject. The study of a Major/Minor requires approval of the Religious Education Coordinator. The following is a selection of units that students may choose from, but the final list of units is dependent on the viability of the proposed classes.

Units available:


A study of the phenomenology of religion with particular emphasis on the major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.


In this unit, students consider the concept of social justice and the Church’s teachings regarding this matter. Both historical and contemporary issues are investigated, and critical analysis of the media is undertaken.


This unit has an Art focus. Students taking this unit will study the work of great artists in an attempt to discern the spirituality of the creator. They will then be encouraged to express their own developing spirituality using this form of self-expression.


Students will study selected sacred texts and their role within religious, historical and social contexts.


Students taking this unit are invited to consider the various aspects and dimensions of Youth Spirituality and to participate in the organization and conducting of Retreats for junior students at the College.


This unit will provide students with the opportunity to critically evaluate the way religion, religious themes and religious figures are presented in the news and current affairs, film, music, websites and advertising.

Introductory Philosophy

This unit will help students develop their capacity for logical thinking through an introductory exploration of the the work of the great philosophers and through the analysis of selected philosophic issues.

Psychology and Religion

This unit will study the psychological theories about an individual’s religious belief and the role of faith in the development of the human person.