The Music A course is for students who have an interest in Music, who have briefly studied it at school with or without external tuition.

The Music T course is for students with some musical experience with performance skills at a minimum of Grade Three standard from a recognized Australian Music Institution. Prior graded
exams are not required.

Please refer to the teacher if you have any questions about selecting an appropriate level of Music to study.

The Music course is a dynamic and interesting course which studies many aspects of Music and its creation. Students elect the non-core units of study.

Foundation Units:

At least two of these will be studied in a Major:

  • Baroque and Classical Instrumental Music
  • Baroque and Classical Vocal Music
  • Romantic and Twentieth Century Vocal Music
  • Romantic and Twentieth Century Instrumental Music

Other Units of study may include:

  • Medieval and Renaissance Music
  • Jazz
  • Music for Theatre/Screen
  • Rock and Pop Music
  • Women in Music
  • Chamber Music (Small Ensemble)
  • Australian Music
  • Directed Study unit

This course would enable students to build their confidence in all three areas of the study of Music: Performing, Creating and Musicology.

Students are able to do a Major/Minor or double Major when ability and ‘off line’ time allows.