Design and Graphics T/A

Design and Graphics

This course exposes students to aspects of graphic design, architectural and environmental studies, computer aided drawing (CAD) and other digital imaging processes. It is a course ideally suited to students wanting to enter the graphics, design and architectural professions. Extensive training in drafting, modelling and animations on a range of industry standard platforms are used during this course. (Materials for major projects may in some cases need to be funded by individual students undertaking such projects). The course can be taken as a Minor or Major. The units offered include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Architecture  
  • CADD Applications
  • CADD Advanced   
  • Major Design Project

Graphic Design

In this unit students learn about design fundamentals such as colour, texture, proportion, typography, layout and the design processes along with printing and publishing technology.


This unit should enable students to develop skills and understanding associated with designing both the architectural and built environment. Aspects such as energy efficient, design building methods and codes, provision of essential services and siting are also covered.

Computer Aided Design & Drawing (Applications & Advanced)

These units introduce various computer applications designed to enable the production of a range of graphics solutions, including engineering and architectural drawings along with product design, surface modelling and animation.

Major Design Project

This unit allows students to concentrate on a major graphic communication project to demonstrate their skills and expertise in designing and presenting a substantial graphics package to commercial standard. The focus or theme of the project is negotiated with the teacher but should be of special interest to the individual student. The projects are assessed while on public display at the Technology and Design – dGAFF exhibition.