The Dance course can be taken as a Minor or Major. The units studied will be selected by Dance teachers from the following.

World Dance

The focus of this unit is for students to gain skills in traditional sequences and repertoire from cultures such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, African, Indian, Character styles and Chinese. Theoretical work includes the study of characteristics of particular styles conveyed folklore, music, costumes and respective dance companies

Dance History

Students study practical explorations of compositional devices and structures such as classical ballet and/or contemporary dance. They learn historical dance works and compile their own compositions. A broad overview of the developments in dance is provided by a theoretical study of the history of classical ballet.

Theatrical Dance Styles

Students study and create compositional tasks exploring dance styles, themes, concepts or choreographic intent of the musical theatre genre. Students work through practical techniques, exercises and performances in jazz, tap or other musical theatre dance styles. Students also study the history of musical theatre and related theories.

Dance production

Students work on their own compositions that combine at least one production element and explore a theme. Theoretical work related to production elements is studied and students work on associated techniques.

Contemporary Dance

Students study practical explorations of compositional devices and structures in contemporary dance inspired by modern dance pioneers and students own compositions. A broad overview of the development of contemporary dance overseas and in Australia is gained through the study of pioneers and exponents of modern dance and current contemporary choreographers.
Students attempting a Major Minor may be invited to do:

Dance in the Community

The focus of this unit is for students to develop an awareness of community principals such as integration, inclusivity through dance. Students will participate in verbal and physical presentations and contemporary dance workshops to a community group and use choreographic devices to demonstrate the elements and processes of choreography. Students will analyse and research Australian dance in education companies and critically evaluate their own workshops.

Self Direct Dance Studios

This unit may be offered to Year 12 students studying Dance as an A or T course who wish to complete a Major, Major Minor or a Double Major. Student must have completed three standard units of Dance before undertaking this unit.