This course includes a wide range of units from Canberra Architecture to Painting.

The units of study to be offered each year may vary according to teacher expertise and/or student needs. However, an Art Major will usually involve some study in the core practical areas of drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and three dimensional work as well as art history and architecture.

The Art course accommodates both T & A students, although the marking standard is more rigorous for the T students and they are required to complete more written work than the A Course.

The course includes studio time for self-directed work where students create a major piece for the College’s annual Art Expo. Art history and appreciation are integrated with the practical work in all units, which may include life drawing and there are a number of gallery excursions included in all units. All students need to have is a genuine interest in the visual arts and an open mind to explore new ideas.

Art T Course

This course is designed for students of mixed abilities who have a special interest in the Visual Arts. They may simply wish to increase their visual literacy, to learn new techniques of artmaking, to explore new ways of self-expression or to prepare themselves for tertiary studies and future employment in the Visual Arts.

Art A Course

This course is designed for students of mixed abilities who are interested in both the practice and appreciation of the visual arts, with the emphasis on developing practical skills rather than analytical research and art theory. Skills acquired may lead to future employment in general design areas such as building design or graphic design. Alternatively, students who enjoy creating and learning about art may find the A course a relaxing balance to a heavy T package.