Year 10 Law, Politics and Society

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What does it mean to be Australian in the global community that exists today? What do I need to understand in order to be a responsible citizen and take on a role of leadership in our society?

What does it mean to be an Australian in today’s world? A key aspect of what it means to be Australian is to understand: Australia’s political and legal systems; how Australia is governed; Australia’s position in the international community; and, how each of these contributes to, and is influenced by, Australians’ ideas of themselves and what it means to be Australian.

The Learning Goals for this unit are for students to be able to:

  1. clearly explain the key features of Australian government and the role of the Constitution
  2. describe the main features of the Australian legal system, the main sources of law, and how laws and courts protect rights and freedoms in Australian society
  3. demonstrate their understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizens in Australia’s democracy, and how these rights and responsibilities are protected, promoted and influenced by various groups in society
  4. compare and evaluate the similarities and differences of Australia’s system of government to another system of government in Asia, Australia’s role and responsibilities in the global world, and how Australian law and policy is shaped by international law and obligations
  5. communicate different ideas of national identity and what it means to be Australian, how groups in society relate to these ideas, and how the values of Australian society (together with Australia’s system of government) help sustain a civil society